Welcome to Lehigh Valley Pest & Termite Control Service

Lehigh Valley Pest & Termite Control Service is a pest control service in Allentown, PA. Among our pest service, bed bug control and termite control is what we do best. We can control over a hundred kinds pests ranging from rodents to insects. We also offer extermination services for these pests. These are not the only pesky critter's we go after, there are hundreds of pests such as Carpenter ants, House ants and centipedes, to rodents, like mice and rats. We will exterminate all pests.

When you hire Lehigh Valley Pest Control you can a expect true professionals to show up, and we will customize our treatments to meet your needs. Our experienced trained team will work to solve your pest problem, and we offer 24 hour emergency response. We will do what it takes to rid your house pest, we are fully equipped to service any pest control issues for both commercial and residential.

Lehigh Valley Pest & Termite Control Service offer affordable service, and our team will do the job right. Don't trust anybody else, we have been serving the area for more than 15 years. Call today for your appointment.